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House Call Rates

2018: Please see the Home or Contact Page 1st for availability update

**Please see the Peaceful Home Euthanasia page

for the costs associated with those services.

Consultations for medical conditions & health checks in your pet's home will involve each the following 3 - 4  costs: 


1) House call service to your area.


2) Home health exam/consultation


a "Quality of Life" exam /consultation.


3) Any additional treatments, tests and medications.


4) Possibly the cost of a veterinary technician or assistant if required  - see below.

1) House Call Rates:


Regular Rate


10am- 6:30pm

Regular Day rates

Boo Boo having her blood pressure checked at home as part of a senior exam.


*Saturdays 11am-4pm &  Weekday Evenings 7pm-8pm

Evening Rate (discounted due to lesser traffic/travel time)

North Delta

$140 ~ ~ ~ ~ $95

Richmond WEST of Knight St

$160 ~ ~ ~ $115

EAST Richmond (East of Knight St)

$170 ~ ~ ~ $125

Surrey (SOUTH of 96th Ave, Cloverdale, WEST of Cloverdale/Hwy 15, including White Rock)

$170 ~ ~ ~ $125

Surrey, NORTH of 96 Ave, or EAST of Cloverdale/Hwy 15, including Port Kells

$195 ~ ~ ~ $150


$195 ~ ~ ~ $150

Langley, WEST of and Central Langley

$195 ~ ~ ~ $150

Langley, North of Hwy 1, Walnut Grove, Fort Langley

$220 ~ ~ ~ $175

Langley, SOUTH of 16th Ave or EAST of 216th St

$220 ~ ~ ~ $175

Burnaby (SOUTH of Hwy #1)

$195 ~ ~ ~ $150

Burnaby/Langley if NORTH of Hwy1

$220 ~ ~ ~ $ 175

New Westminster

$195 ~ ~ ~ $150

Coquitlam & Other "Outside of travel area", limited availability

$265 ~ ~ ~ $220

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Ladner & Tsawwassen - general housecall enquiries, also Quality of Life consults and Peaceful Home Euthanasia Appts.

$65 ~ ~ ~ ~ $65

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The areas below are served for Quality of Life exams

& Peaceful Home Euthanasia only


*Saturdays & Evenings Discounted Rate Due to Traffic Considerations

Closed and away on Sundays, Statutory Holidays and associated long weekends.

2) Exam/ Consultation Rates 

 1st hour of visit  ______________$85
 Every additional 0.5 hr  ________




B) Quality of Life Exam and Consultation:

(When Peaceful Home Euthanasia is being considered, and you, other family members, or the veterinarian   have any doubts, as to when is the "right time").

Quality of Life Consultation______$150


The Quality of Life exam includes: Approx. 2 hours at your home:  Detailed exam/consult, an extensive review of previous history, updating medical records, and a caring & objective, interactive discussion of your pet's health & needs. As well, we will  consider your physical, financial, emotional, and family considerations, as well as consider your pet's ability to cope with current conditions or additional care options). Please use the "General Enquiry" Contact Form for either of these exam types, and list your pets specific conditions and your concerns. 


  • Initial phone enquiries and indepth review of your pet's condition.

  • Travel time to and from your home, including preparation time

  • Convenience of evening and weekend availability when scheduled in advance.

  • Flexible scheduling to consider your needs whenever possible

  • Commitment to keeping your appointment - we are a 100% housecall service, and do not have the considerations of a clinic.

  • The cost allows for travel, equipment, preparation, licensing, and insurance, required for a veterinarian to come to your home and help your pet within your pet's environment. 

3) Treatment, Tests & Medication Costs


House Call Rates Include the following services:


College of Veterinarians of British Columbia Guidelines:


 Additional care, treatments, and tests can also be coordinated with local veterinary clinics or with specialists - whatever is best for your pet and your abilities as your pet's family and guardian.


Costs for additional treatments, tests and medications will vary depending on your pet's needs. We will provide an estimate of tests and treatment costs by phone, email or in person, once we have your information and can advise you of the range of treatment and test options for your pets conditions and your considerations in caring for your pet. 

Rates for veterinary services (i.e. the exam, plus any vaccines, tests, acupuncture, or home euthanasias, etc) follow the fee guidelines set by the College of Veterinarians of B.C.(CVBC). An  tailored estimate will be provided by phone or email, or during our home visit, regarding specific possible tests and treatments for your pet, once we have recieved your contact email or seen your pet at home. The costs for tests or treatments  are in addition to the housecall rate and exam/consult  rate outlined above. 

4) *A veterinary assistant may be required in situations where the veterinarian feels that it is warranted ( highly anxious or restless pets, insufficient owner verification, owners with physical concerns and for most 1st time cat exams).  The cost is approximately $35.00 for the 1st hour, depending on time and area.  A vet assistant is not routinely needed for Peaceful Home Euthanasia.

A) Home health exam/consult:


For your first visit, please allow for an average of 1.5 - 2 hours for your  veterinary consultation at your pet's home (120.00 - 155.00),  plus the housecall rate and treatments or tests.


This time is especially warranted for senior or nervous pets, pets with  multiple or chronic conditions, and allows for an indepth discussions on the health and happiness of your pet. We will formulate an updated health and comfort plan according to  your physical, financial, emotional, and family considerations. As well, we will consider your pet's ability to cope with current conditions or additional care options).

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