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Costs of Peaceful Home Euthanasia & Aftercare Services


Veterinary costs are traditionally discussed at the time of a personal phone enquiry.  To help you with your planning at this time, we have included as much information as possible.  


The costs of a Peaceful Home Euthanasia will involve each of the following:  

                                         1. House Call to your area

                                         2. 3 Step Sedation & Euthanasia Procedure

                                         3. Aftercare Services (Cremation & Compassionate Transportation options,

                                                                               which may or may not involve Creature Comforts).

                                         4. Paw Print Keepsake - Optional


1. House Call:

Note: Due to traffic considerations,

evening & Saturday Costs are discounted                                                                                                 

Evening Rate (discounted due to lesser traffic/travel time)

Regular Rate


10am- 6:30pm

Regular Day rates

*Saturdays 11am-4pm &  Weekday Evenings 7pm-8pm

Ladner & Tsawwassen - general housecall enquiries, also Quality of Life consults and Peaceful Home Euthanasia Appts.

$65 ~ ~ ~ ~ $65

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*Saturdays & Evenings are at Discounted Rate Due to Weekday Traffic Considerations

The areas below are served for Quality of Life exams

& Peaceful Home Euthanasia only


North Delta

$140 ~ ~ ~ ~ $95

Richmond WEST of Knight St

$160 ~ ~ ~ $115

EAST Richmond (East of Knight St)

$170 ~ ~ ~ $125

Surrey (SOUTH of 96th Ave, Cloverdale, WEST of Cloverdale/Hwy 15, including White Rock)

$170 ~ ~ ~ $125

Surrey, NORTH of 96 Ave, or EAST of Cloverdale/Hwy 15, including Port Kells

$195 ~ ~ ~ $150

Langley, WEST of and Central Langley

$195 ~ ~ ~ $150

Langley, SOUTH of 16th Ave or EAST of 216th St

$220 ~ ~ ~ $175

Langley, NORTH of Hwy 1, Walnut Grove, Fort Langley

$220 ~ ~ ~ $175

Burnaby (SOUTH of Hwy #1)

$195 ~ ~ ~ $150

Burnaby/Langley if NORTH of Hwy1

$220 ~ ~ ~ $ 175

New Westminster

$195 ~ ~ ~ $150


$195 ~ ~ ~ $150

Coquitlam & other "Outside of travel area", limited availability

$265 ~ ~ ~ $220

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Closed and away on Sundays, statuatory holidays and associated long weekends.

2. Three Step Sedation & Peaceful Home Euthanasia

Cats & Dogs Under 20 lbs


Dogs over 20 lbs


Additional Sedation and time for Highly Nervous Cats & for Aggressive Pets

Additional $ 45

Additional 3 Step Sedation & Euthanasia Medication for Dogs 90lbs - 110lbs

Additional $45

Additional 3 Step Sedation & Euthanasia Medication for Dogs over 110lbs

Additional $65

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In some situations with agressive pets, an oral sedation to be given prior to Dr. Susan's arrival, may be prescribed a few days before hand. For this to be organized, please allow 3 days between your initial inquiry & your appointment.

3. After Care Services


General Cremation (ASHES NOT RETURNED), Under 15 lbs


General Cremation over 16 lb - 45 lb


General Cremation 46 lbs - 65 lbs


General Cremation 66 lb - 90 lbs


General Cremation 91 lbs - 110 lbs


General Cremation 111 lbs - 150 lbs




Private Cremation (ASHES RETURNED IN AN URN), Under 15 lbs


Private Cremation 16 lbs - 45 lbs


Private Cremation 46 lbs - 65 lbs


Private Cremation 66 lbs - 90 lbs


Private Cremation 91 lbs - 110 lbs


Private Cremation 111 lbs - 150 lbs


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Notes regarding our compassionate transportation services: 



The cost of compassionate transportation of your pet afterward is included in the cost of "After Care Services" for all cats,  and for dogs weighing under approx 100 lbs, if you can help by arranging the following:


IF  your dog is between 30 lbs and approx 90 lbs:   we ask that you arrange for a strong, able bodied person who would be comfortable to help carry your pet’s “afterself” on a soft stretcher with  Dr. Susan,  to her vehicle, and to be available approximately an hour after our appointment begins.




If no one is available to help Dr. Susan with this aspect, OR, if your pet is over 90 lbs, we will arrange and coordinate with the Until We Meet Again (UWMA) Pet Memorial Center vehicle/driver to meet us directly at your home, Usually this is arranged for late morning to mid - day, week days or Saturday, however, other times can be arranged if  better for your considerations.

Dr Susan can usually arrange to stay and assist the Until We Meet Again driver, shortly after our appointment, so that only one person from UWMA is needed regarding a large pet.

On occasion if Dr. Susan cannot stay, (eg. if a family wants extended time between her visit and transportation), and a family member or friend also cannot help UWMA, then two staff people from UWMA would be needed, with the associated cost as below. 


Regarding arranging for the services of the  Until We Meet Again staff and their  vehicle when needed:   We will coordinate and reserve their services, for the compassionate transportation of your pet to their memorial centre, when this additional help is needed (as explained above). This will involve one of the following additional costs, as set by Until We Meet Again. The appropriate cost will be added to our invoice, and paid for at the time of our housecall:


$75.00:  for daytime Mon-Sat, if one person needed, or  


$175.00: evenings or Sunday, one person, or


$125.00:  if two staff people need to come, eg giant breed, daytime Mon - Sat., or


$225.00:  for a giant breed and/or if 2 staff people required from Until We Meet Again, evenings and Sundays.


Transportation arrangements best suited for your situation are best discussed, clarified, and planned, after receiving your question form information, completed as best as possible and sent by email or fax.




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