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Please see Home or Contact page first for availability/reopening update.

Dr. Susan's provides Gentle & Compassionate Care for your pet in your home. Her focus is on improving comfort and health of senior pets and nervous pets. As well, she offers Quality of Life Assessments & Peaceful Home Euthanasia appointments. 

Our Services

 Services in Ladner & Tsawwassen:

  • Preventive care/ lab tests

  • Traditional & Complementary medicine

  • Co-ordinate services with local clinics & specialists

  • Gentle care for elderly or nervous pets who are more comfortable at home. 

  • Improving comfort for senior pets

  • Creating an overall improved health and comfort plan.    

  • Veterinary assistant available if required

  • Quality of Life assessments

  • Peaceful home euthanasia & aftercare*


     For "Quality of Life" Home            Consultations and Peaceful Home  Euthanasia, we also travel to the  following areas: 

  • Surrey

  • White Rock

  • Langley, central & west of Langley only

  • Vancouver

  • Burnaby, South of Hwy 1

  • New Westminster

  • North Delta

  • Richmond

 We apologize that Dr. Susan does not routinely provide ongoing  medical  services to cases in these areas as she cannot always provide the repeat, or follow up care that your pet may need, given her home location. 

Emergencies/After Hours:


While I may be able to see your pet about a timely matter, during my regular hours, this housecall service is not designed or licensed as a primary emergency  or ambulance service, nor to operate 24/7,  late evenings or sundays/Statuatory Holidays. .


If you have an emergency, a potentially urgent concern, or a serious after hours matter, please refer to the following licensed official emergency clinics prepared and available to help your pet  >>>

Phone Contact Hours:

Approximately 9 am-5 pm Monday to Friday, Saturday until approx noon.


Housecall Appointment Hours: 

Approximately 10am - 7pm Monday to Saturdays

(Early to mid evenings, and Saturdays available when arranged in advance of the evening or Saturday). We are not an overnight, emergency, or ambulance service.


Statuatory Holidays:  We are closed on Sundays, Statuatory Holidays, and the weekends associated with a Statuatory Holiday.



I will do my best to respond to your emails, texts, and phone calls, or messages, as soon as possible within my Phone Contact Hours of approximately 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday and Saturday until approx noon.


If your enquiry is timely, especially if it's about a housecall for the same day,

To help expediate our communications and my ability to be of help, please fill out and send me the appropriate question form.

Also, please send me a concurrent text or phone call to alert me to your question form being sent or to follow.

Please choose one of the two contact forms: The General Contact Form, regarding health conditions for the Ladner/Tsawwassen area, or, the "Peaceful Home Euthanasia" form, if I can help that way. Doing so helps me to better prepare to answer your more specific questions when we speak. I can also respond quicker as to when I can help. 



If I am driving or at a housecall,

I will call, email or text back as soon as possible during the day. If your message is received later in the day, and if I cannot call back due to being at a housecall or driving, especially in the evening, I will reply by the following morning.


Please follow up with a phone call if you have not heard back within 12-24 hrs in case of occassional technical difficulties. 


Find our full contact information here >>>




Find more details on my rates & services here >>>


"Compassionate care, tailored respectfully to your pet, with consideration for your needs and abilities as a caring pet owner."  


       Bella and Selena  

       Kitty Tea Party at the Scottish Household 

                 Amber at home with Jason

Why Choose a Veterinary Home Visit?


  • OLDER PETS who are not accustomed to or able to easily leave their home.


  • GERIATRIC/PALLIATIVE care for your senior pet, assessing a pet's quality of life at home, maintaining your senior pet's comfort through vet treatments that are reasonable to do at home


  • 100% INDOOR KITTIES and pets who are uncomfortable with travel.


  • MULTI-PET homes


  • PEOPLE who would appreciate a detailed, at home "quality of life and comfort" assesment for their pet when euthanasia is being considered


  • PEOPLE seeking a more relaxed or in-depth assessment and veterinary care for their pets at home.


  • PEOPLE who need more flexible hours for scheduling an appointment.

  • IMMUNE compromised pets and people.


  • NERVOUS & SHY PETS stressed by travel. (not suitable for aggressive or highly territorial pets. Cats being seen for a medical exam (Ladner and Tsawwassen) will require a vet assistant the first time, see costs for assistant)


  • BUSY PROFESSIONALS/PARENTS who want to save themselves the time, travel and possible delays of an office visit


  • PEOPLE with travel or mobility considerations.



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