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This Angel Makes House Calls – excerpt from the Richmond Review, Oct. 2007

An angel visited our home on Saturday night. Dr. Susan Hetherington operates a new veterinary practice dedicated exclusively to house calls.I have never met someone so kind, understanding and gentle toward an animal, not to mention the owners.Words cannot express our gratitude toward this very special lady and by way of gratitude I would like to let others know of her care and dedication, should they, in a situation such as ours, require her help. Angels do live on earth.

David and Carol Smith, Richmond


Dr. Susan Hetherington made all the difference in looking after our male Norwegian Elkhound named Goosie.Goosie lived to the great age of 14 ½ years because Dr. Susan came to our home on a regular basis to take blood samples and fine-tune his diet. We added Chinese herbs to Goosie's food as well as a supplement produced from New Zealand green-lipped mussels. He liked both items and we are convinced it helped prolong his quality of life.His lack of mobility necessitated home visits; however, at the same time it gave Dr. Susan an even better opportunity to assess his general over-all health so she could change and/or amend his medications as required.

Carolyn & Rick Chapman, Ladner  2011





Pet Owners' Stories

Dear Dr. Susan, Thank you very much for your kindness and thoughtfulness during our very difficult time. You have a gentle and nurturing way with not only your four legged patients, but also their two legged owners. Both of us very much appreciate you and your home care service.

Barry and Donna Sutherland, Delta 2011


Dear Dr. Susan, I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and support today. It is never easy making a decision to put a beloved pet down. Rumor has always been a joy and loyal companion and it was with much sadness that we came to realize that the quality of his life was slowly but steadily deteriorating. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be with him in his own environment and thanks you again for your gentleness, kindness and support. Having Selena here to help was also a great bonus for me. She is truly a special soul and I thank her for her kind words to me. She is truly a spiritual person and I am ever so grateful that she was also a part of the process. God bless you both. With kindest regards and love.

Sharon Embree, Ladner 2013


Dr. Susan, You gave me two more years with Tao that I thought I would never have and I am eternally grateful for that, as before you became involved with his care I thought I was going to have to let him go…old cat…gimpy back. You put him on the path of healing and recovery. Later you gave us that last summer with Tao. The end might not have been as comfy for him without you there. And of course all the wonderful care that you have given our beloved Simba…we know she is here with us enjoying life because of you.

Sheila Tedford RN, Richmond 2012


Dear Dr. Susan, We really appreciate the wonderful and caring service you provided us. We are honoured to have had you help us. You were so good, caring, and reassuring. You are in our hearts always.

Teresa & Rick Jones, Delta


Dr. Hetherington,Thank you so much for attending the passing of my parents’ dog, Jasper. You are a very kind and very patient and it really made a huge difference. Also, thank you for the info that you passed on for my daughter, that was very nice to take the time for her. My Mom is still talking about how kind you were to her! Thank you again

Stacy Brennick, Delta 2011


Dr. Susan,Please know that you make it so much easier with your compassion and great love for animals.

Nicolle and Jeff Kirk, Delta 2010


Dear Dr. Susan, Thank you for all the help and compassion you provided to both Bear and I. Your gentleness and understanding during a difficult time will always be remembered and appreciated. I will not hesitate to pass your name on to anyone requiring your help. Thank you again for everything!! Kind Regards.

Joy Darnell, Ladner 2009


Dear Dr. Susan, We can't thank you enough for what you have done for our amazing Jenny. Without you coming to our home and giving her the kind of care and attention that you did, I think we would have had to say our goodbyes as no one else would come to her when she was unable to be transported. With your help we will have a while longer with our precious family member. Our sincerest thanks.

Colleen, Rob, & especially Jenny, Surrey 2013

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