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1. Paw Print with Display Easel


*Paw Print with Display Easel - would you like a hole so it can be hung?


2. Paw Print in a frame. OPTIONAL


3. Glaze Colour (cost included. See brochure below). 1 of 9 colour options in brochure.

Colour #_____

4. Glaze Colour - Fur Colour Match (Glaze attempts to match teh colour of your pet's fur). OPTIONAL


Final Total (PST is included, GST will be added)


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Paw Print Keepsakes


Spawts Paw Print Impressions


Spawts Paw Prints provide lasting memories for the many people, near and far, whose lives have been forever touched by your pet.


Ceramic glazed & fired, paw print impression by “Spawts” are available. This is optional and is done at the time of cremation.

(Please Note: In some cases cat paw prints do not have an impression that is as distinct as dog paw prints.)


Choose from 9 current colour options from the brochure at the bottom of the page and view them on the spawts website above and/or their facebook site.

Please print and fill out your choices #1-3 before your appointment.  Dr. Susan will bring a brochure for you to confirm your choice of color.

Please send this to us by email or fax:


Email:   Fax: 604-946-8808 (9am - 9pm only please)


Thank You.







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