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Emergency Contacts

If you have an emergency, a potentially urgent concern, or a serious after hours matter, please call:


  • A local veterinary hospital, which may offer additional hours, emergency services and occassional house calls.

  • A veterinary hospital in your local or larger phone book that advertises additional hours/services.

  • One of the following Certified Emergency Clinics:


Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre


2303 Alberta Street, Vancouver BC
This facility is open 24 hrs a day, which means you do not have to necessarily transfer your pet in the morning on a weekday to a regular veterinary hospital.


Burrard Animal Hospital and Emergency Clinic

105 - 1788 West Broadway, Vancouver

Telephone 604-738-5683


Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley

306-6325 204th St., Langley BC

Located in Langley near the Willlowbrook mall. Open evening and weekends.


Central Animal Emergency Clinic in Coquitlam

812 Roderick Ave, Coquitlam BC.

Open evenings and weekends.


Mainland Animal Emergency Clinic

15338 Fraser Hwy Surrey BC,

Open evenings and weekends.


Intercity Animal Emergency Clinic

580 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, B.C.
Open evenings and weekends.


After any visit for your pet, please ask them to fax information, regarding your pet’s care, for their future record, to myself (if i am your pet's regular veterinarian) and to any other veterinary hospital you use. My housecall practice is listed in the official B.C. Veterinary Medical Association directory CVBC.


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